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Fans of Henry Cavill Want to See Him in This Amazon Original and It Is Not ‘Warhammer 40000’


For all Henry Cavill fans, the end of 2022 was a heartbreaking year. Initially, he left his trademark series The Witcher for a decade-long return to Superman films but sadly didn’t make it as DCU fired him. This made everyone, including his fans, upset as they were waiting to see their favorite hero back on the screen after 10 long years.


After the huge announcement by the actor and the makers as well, this unexpected bomb was dropped on the actor and his fans, which left both of them devastated. However, the British actor has moved on from the past and is all set to take on new roles. Though he is signing some of the biggest deals, it seems like his fans have something else planned for him.

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Fans want to see Henry Cavill playing this character

This year, the Man of Steel actor signed a deal with Amazon Prime for the film adaptation of the famous video game Warhammer 40000. He recently made headlines for starring in and producing this game-based film. Although his fans do not seem satisfied by this and ask for more from the actor now and then, this time they have come up with a demand for the 39-year-old actor to play yet another superhero.

Cavill has established himself so well as Superman that he has practically become the first choice to play various superheroes, including Omni Man. There is already a show on Amazon Prime called Invincible, which was released in the year 2021. In fact, the animated version of this superhero show had great success, and fans are ready to see some live action.

And nobody but the Enola Holmes actor can satisfy the fans with his perfect physique (with the closest resemblance to Omni Man) and amazing acting skills playing this role. And hence they have started manifesting the 39-year-old actor by making fan art and tweeting about seeing him as this superhero from Viltrum.



Let’s see if some production houses listen to this demand of fans and think about the idea of bringing Cavill back as another superhero. Until then, let’s wait for the live-action version of Warhammer 40K.

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Are you also willing to see Henry Cavill as the Omni Man? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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