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James Gunn to Use Marvel’s Tried and Tested Tom Holland Factor for DC’s New Superman?


The debate surrounding the mistreatment of Henry Cavill in the DC Universe has not been forgiven but forgotten in favor of the grand lineup that James Gunn has just announced. Worries about how DC is headed to doom at the hands of Peter Safran and James Gunn have more or less vanished after the creator announced something as eccentric as The Authorities. And suddenly, a young Superman still coming to terms with his power as he struggles to pass midterms into high school does not seem like such a bad idea. But only on one condition: the new Superman needs to be played by Tom Holland.

When the sorrow of Cavill’s leaving swallowed the DC fandom, they simply could not imagine the superhero who has existed since 1938 without Henry Cavill. However, James Gunn announced that DC only has room for a Superman who is less than twenty-five years of age. Many names ranging from Jacob Elordi to Michael B. Jordan came up, but call it Zendaya’s love for knitting or the actor’s global reach, the needle always finds its way back to Tom Holland.

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Will Tom Holland be the next Superman?

It has rarely happened that a well-known superhero from the Marvel Universe has come to DC. The pattern usually consists of superheroes from DC jumping to Marvel (cough, Ryan Reynolds, cough). However, with James Gunn and Peter Safran on board, there is a promise for a bright future in DC. And fans want Tom Holland to be the first one to benefit from it.

Now there are many reasons why Tom Holland cannot become the new Superman in DC. Firstly, he is twenty-six years old and James Gunn is looking for someone younger. But this is not a problem for Tom Holland, who can pass off as an eighteen-year-old any day. Holland’s boyish features are slightly higher in the ranks than other actors. Secondly, the actor seems to be really enjoying his time off as Spiderman.

It is not just Tom Holland who will be hesitating to step into the red cloak. Safe from the select few, many fans are repulsed at the idea of Tom Holland being the new Superman. But if it is true that James Gunn is taking inspiration from what works well with the masses, casting Tom Holland as Superman will be his first move.

Do you think this casting is possible? Let us know in the comments below.

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