Worshipping Ground Turned Abandon Junk: The Downfall of Kanye West Flagship Donda Acedamy

Kanye West may not be an evangelist, but he is very passionate about his religion. A trope often occurring in Ye’s music is the mention of his connection with God. The College Dropout rapper lost his mother in 2007 and the rapper has worked more on strengthening his relationship with God since then. So much so that West dedicated an entire album to his connection with God titled Jesus Is King. And in 2019, the rapper began organizing Sunday Service.

However, it was no ordinary Sunday Service. Ye purchased a 2.2 million worth 1.25 acres of land dedicated to his grand Sunday Services which were held on a weekly basis and had a star-studded guest list. Apart from the Kardashian family itself, the guest list also consisted of major pop stars like Sia. However, soon after his divorce from Kim Kardashian, the Sunday Services and Donda Academy were left to rot on the land in Los Angeles.

Kanye West has abandoned his million-dollar property in Los Angeles

For the unversed, Donda Acedamy is a private Christian school started by Kanye West that has yet to be accredited. And looks like now it will never be, if the drone shots released by Daily Mail are anything to go by. The property in Los Angeles was earlier devoted to Donda Acedamy and Sunday Service. When the College Dropout rapper purchased the property in 2018, it consisted of “a stunning floor-to-ceiling stacked-stone fireplace, beautiful inlaid hardwood floors, huge vaulted open-beam ceilings, and spacious ground-floor master suite with a walk-in closet and spa-style bath.

However, West built a wall to separate the guest house from the rest of the property. And reportedly even used it as a bachelor pad when he lived with Irina Shayk during their short fling.

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The rapper has moved on both emotionally and physically since then, considering he is married and wants to move to South Africa. Much like his public image, the million-dollar worth property is currently deteriorating. The parallels between the rapper and his abandoned property aren’t tough to draw.

West purchased the property with the intention of making Donda Academy and Sunday Service the backbone of a whole religious community. And with how celebrities were attending and the services were taking place, it did not like a far-off possibility. Akin to how West was destined for greater things with his multi-million dollar brand deals. The brands abandoned West, and one look at the ruined property tells you that West has abandoned it.

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