When Prince Harry Broke Down at WellChild Awards Ceremony

Prince Harry at WellChild awards in 2019

Charity is the best form of humanity. When you try to do something for someone with no expectations of getting it back, you are strengthening the core human values. Prince Harry has been a part of different charities for a long time now. Thus, when he himself entered the field and met people, especially children, around the world, his heart filled with overwhelming emotions. Those emotions came to the surface when he attended the WellChild Awards ceremony in 2019.

WellChild is a children’s charity in the UK. They make it possible for children and young people with serious and complex health needs to be taken care of. They try to arrange care at home instead of the hospital wherever it is possible. And the Duke of Sussex attended an award ceremony in 2019 in London for the second time in a row, where he became overwhelmed as he gave a congratulatory speech.

The author of Spare congratulated the winners and paid tribute to them. He said the children and their parents inspired him for over a decade. He also revealed that that year it resonated differently because he then had a child (his firstborn, Archie). The Duke brought in his own experience of becoming a father and became overwhelmed as he spoke. He revealed he understood the situations and pain of those parents who were struggling when he himself became a father.

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The experience of meeting the children and their parents inspired Prince Harry

The ex-royal revealed how scared he felt when they found out about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy. However, meeting the WellChild and their parents gave the Duke a sense of hope and optimism. He said no inspirational book nor any professional help would have given the ex-royals the kind of inspiration that these children had given.

The Prince expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the children and families for being themselves. He also praised the support staff of the charity present at the event as they showcased extraordinary strength, courage, and resilience. “Never ever underestimate what this means for each other, within the community or further field,” said Prince Harry.

Prince Harry giving a speech at WellChild Awards 2019
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As he concluded the speech, the Duke of Sussex considered them role models. He took inspiration from the stories shared at the event and revealed they support the charity for these incredible humans. Making the goal of the charity clear, the Duke concluded the speech.

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