What Made Katy Perry Compare a Girl With Kanye West on ‘American Idol’ Season 21 Auditions

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Kanye West is known for many things, one of which is the antics he pulls. While he is not under the spotlight currently, Katy Perry recently remembered him. Especially now that season 21 of American Idol has kicked off, new talent will be singing songs of their favorite musicians. But one, in particular, reminded the judges of the ‘Donda’ singer, and it was not for the choice of song.

The beginning auditing rounds of this season are still on. But what made Perry tell a contestant that she had been ‘Kanye’d’? It has to do with one similar story that made both Ye and the contestant more famous.

What story made Katy Perry mention Kanye West?

It is not just the singing but also the background stories of contestants that make American Idol the success that it is today. In one of the recent audition episodes, a contestant named Amara Valerio opened up about one of the infamous viral videos that she was a part of. Back when in high school, she began singing the national anthem in excitement during the senior’s graduation. Everyone could be seen standing up in respect until one of the seniors interrupted her to stop her midway.

The girl went on to say how it was her senior’s prom and she was the one who deserved to sing the national anthem. The judge expectedly reacted in shock before getting to watch the clip for themselves. “She just pulled a Kanye West,” Perry quickly reacted. “I got Kanye’d,” accepted Valerio as the judges burst out in laughter.

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These two phrases are referred to as any incident where a person interrupts the other in a negative way, spoiling everyone’s mood. The story behind it is one that continues to resurface years after it happened.

How Ye gave birth to the Kanye’d slang

Back during the 2009 VMA Awards, Taylor Swift received the Best Female Video award. She happily went on to the stage, with her then-boyfriend Taylor Lautner still backstage. Ye suddenly came on and interrupted her. While he assured her that he will let her speak, he also said that it was Beyonce who deserved the award. In fact, by the end, Beyonce won the Video of The Year Award for Single Ladies. Since then, they say any person who interrupts like Ye is ‘pulling a Kanye’.

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