Ultraman Fights His Ultimate Battle in Season 3 Trailer

Ultraman is undeniably a rib for the strong standing cage anime, especially action thriller animes, has built itself. Produced by Nippon Sunrise, Ultraman is one of the most well-known superheroes in the anime community. And Netflix, which is constantly expanding its anime collection and even contributing by producing newer ones, would of course not miss a chance to buy the broadcasting rights. And the OTT Mpgul did just that.

Netflix aired the first episode of the fan-favorite series in May 2021 and as we step into 2023, the streamer has just dropped the teaser for the final season of the anime masterpiece. As expected, it is every bit as exciting and thrilling as the last two seasons have been. But considering how Ultraman Season 3 will be the final addition to the holy trinity, it has taken the unpredictability factor up a notch by introducing new characters.

Netflix releases Ultraman season 3 teaser

The animated series has a permanent place in every anime fan’s heart owing to Ultraman being one of the original Kyodai Heroes. For those who have developed a newfound interest in anime thanks to Netflix’s dedication, Kyodai Heroes are those that have the ability to transform into gigantic sizes to defeat the enemy in sight.

Ultraman was already a worshipped series among the anime community members in Japan. And its release on Netflix naturally gained Ultraman fans from all around the world. Therefore, the announcement of Season 3 as we start off the year is huge news for anime fans.

Fans are equal amounts ecstatic and skeptical as the previous season, Ultraman Season 2, brought forth the collaboration of the ‘Ultra 6 Brothers,’ and it will be difficult to top that. But then again, if Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki are in charge of directing, magic is bound to be made.

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What can fans expect from the final season of Ultraman?

The superhero anime series’ final season will entail fights, both physical and emotional, ten times more brutal than the last season. According to the teaser, Ultraman’s affair with the Giant of Light has become an old-school tale. Moreover, the earth is now in danger of getting attacked by newer, more powerful monsters.

As witnessed in the teaser, fans will get to enjoy M.A.O. as Balkyua and Koji Ishii as Mephisto as new cast additions to the final season. The OTT platform has not given a set date for release except for it dropping on Netflix sometime in 2023. Meanwhile, you can stream the first two seasons on Netflix.

What do you expect from the third season of Ultraman? Let us know in the comments below.

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