Tula Mineral Magic Sunscreen Review 2023

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If there ever was any advice I could offer my younger self, it would be to wear sunscreen and to wear it vigorously, especially on my face. Though I mostly avoided tanning beds and traumatic sunburns in my youth, I neglected to include sunscreen as part of my daily beauty routine for a long time, and my fair skin has suffered all the more for it.

For a long time, I avoided wearing sunscreen on my face unless it was absolutely necessary because I was worried the protective lotion would clog my pores, cause my skin to break out, leave my skin feeling super greasy, and not blend well with my makeup. And to be honest, the sunscreen products that were available even just a decade ago were nowhere near as effective, light, non-greasy, and skin-friendly as today’s products are. Lucky for me, I’ve now clued into the benefits and necessities of including a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen in my daily skincare routine, and my face has never been more grateful for the extra layer of protection from the damaging effects of the sun.

Most recently, I discovered and quickly fell in love with Tula’s Mineral Magic Sunscreen—simply put: a must-have, must-use product I wear on my face every single day. Unlike cakey, super-scented, name-brand sunscreens, Tula’s Mineral Magic is super light, non-greasy, and applies as seamlessly and silky as a base for foundation. In fact, it absorbs so quickly and easily, that it feels like I didn’t even apply sunscreen at all, which is my favorite thing about this product: it disappears into your skin while working its protective magic.

Tula Mineral Magic Sunscreen Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 30

After washing and moisturizing my face in the morning, I shake up the Mineral Magic potion and apply a few dollops to my face and neck. The SPF 30 sunscreen has a peachy tone to it, but the sunscreen is not at all tinted and blends well with any and all skin tones and types. While I typically struggle with dry, sensitive skin myself, the sunscreen attests to working well with combination skin and oily skin, too.

Not only has my skin not broken out with Mineral Magic, but it has also actually improved in its overall appearance and texture. My skin feels more hydrated and has a healthy glow that doesn’t come from sitting too long in the sun. The mineral sunscreen’s ingredients, too, work to give your skin some extra, much-needed love, with wild butterfly ginger root added to combat blue light and pollution, red algae to control oil, and a blend of prebiotics and probiotics to improve your skin’s overall condition and smoothness.

While there is any number of name-brand sunscreens on the market, I promise none of them will apply as effortlessly, evenly, and cleanly as Tula’s Mineral Magic. And while summer is certainly the time when people start heavily buying and applying SPF, this is a sunscreen you should be wearing all year, especially since the sun never stops working to wreak havoc on your skin.

In case you’re looking for some additional sunscreen options from Tula, the brand also carries a daily sunscreen gel called Protect + Glow that applies very similarly to Mineral Magic, but gives you a glowy, ethereal appearance on your skin—it’s great for dry and mature skin. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a product that inspires that extra feeling of comfort, security, and calm, especially when it comes time to pay a visit to the dermatologist.


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