TIRED! Meghan Markle is Losing Her American Fan Club Because of ‘Oversaturation’

The bombshell documentary of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemingly shook Buckingham Palace from its core. And, Duke of Sussex’s most recent endeavor, the tell-all memoir just added fuel to the fire. If we talk about the Netflix miniseries, the first half of it covered their beautiful love story and the second half accused the ‘pretentious’ monarchy of treating the former actress differently just because she is a woman of color.

Now it feels like that was just a prelude to the explosive memoir, as the book revealed many dirty secrets of what goes behind the doors of the royal palace. Prince Harry also took a sly jibe at the British tabloids for multiple reasons. But that is a discussion for some other day. What we are here to acquaint you with is that even though the ex-serving royals have received support from a plethora of entities, their fandom and appreciation have reduced significantly in the US. The netizens are perhaps “tired” of the everyday royal drama.

Meghan Markle significantly loses support in the US

Recent polling in America suggests that the Suits actress has lost her charm in her native region. Kinsey Schofield, The To Di for Daily podcast host, explained that following the release of the book, Meghan Markle’s support group reduced drastically in number. According to her, their “oversaturating claims” have tired the US public. She reports, per Express UK, that Markle “doesn’t necessarily have a huge fan club” stateside.

Substantiating her statements, a recent US poll of 2000 voters that collected the votes before and after the release of the bombshell memoir revealed that the numbers were reduced by seven on January 16. Furthermore, Meghan Markle’s popularity also took the edge off from +23 to -13. Not just that, the royal commentators poll involving 20 thousand US citizens and 12 thousand British citizens also revealed that the Americans were not very satisfied with Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary.

Notably, while the 10-episode series stood in 95th rank in the US, the brand new season of The Crown stood fifth, which, surprisingly, is in sharp contrast with the UK. Furthermore, the royal couple not attending Oprah Winfrey’s birthday bash (for unknown reasons) further added spice to these speculations, hinting that the Sussexes are losing support in America.

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Do you think their claims have truly over-saturated the media? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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