‘The Crown’ Season 6 on Netflix: Filming Ongoing and Everything We Know So Far

the crown season 6 on netflix everything we know so far

Filming for the sixth season of The Crown is still currently ongoing at Netflix. We’re reporting on everything related to the sixth season of The Crown including, production updates, casting news, and the Netflix release date which is expected to arrive by the end of 2023.

Created by Peter Morgan, The Crown has become one of the most popular Originals that Netflix has to offer. Since its very first season, The Crown has been one of the most expensive shows ever made, with each season costing over $100 million to produce. At first, there were only going to be five seasons, but as production began on the fifth season, Peter Morgan reversed his decision and a sixth season was announced.

Over four seasons, The Crown has been nominated for a total of 423 awards so far, winning 129 of them. The Crown swept the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards in 2021 by winning all seven awards in the drama categories, including the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Olivia Colman’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, joining Claire Foy, who also earned a Primetime Emmy for her portrayal of the British monarch.

When is The Crown season 6 coming to Netflix?

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the sixth and final season of The Crown. However, going by the releases of the previous seasons we can predict when the final season arrives;

  • Season 1 – November 4th, 2016
  • Season 2 – December 8th, 2017
  • Season 3 – November 17th, 2019
  • Season 4 – November 15th, 2020
  • Season 5 – November 9th 2022

We expect to see the final season of The Crown on Netflix in November or December 2023.

Who are the cast members of The Crown season 6?

Expect to see the majority of the cast of season 5 reprise their roles in season 6.

Imelda Staunton – Queen Elizabeth II
the crown season 5 everything we know so far queen elizabeth imelda staunton

Imelda Staunton (top right) is the third lead actress to portray Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown.

Jonathan Pryce – Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
the crown season 5 everything we know so far prince philip jonathan pryce 1

Jonathan Pryce (top right) is the third lead actor to portray Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in The Crown.

Lesley Manville – Princess Margaret
the crown season 5 everything we know so far princess margaret lesley manville

Lesley Manville (top right) is the third supporting actress to portray Princess William in The Crown.

Dominic West – Prince Charles
the crown season 5 everything we know so far prince charles dominic west

Dominic West (top right) is the third actor to portray Prince Charles in The Crown.

the crown season 5 everything we know so far princess diana elizabeth decki

Elizabeth Debicki is the second actress to portray Princess Diana

On September 3rd, 2022, it was announced that the roles of Prince William and Kate Middleton have been cast in the sixth and final season of The Crown.

Making her acting debut as Kate Middleton is Meg Bellamy, who earned the role after impressing with her self-taped auditions after answering a casting call on social media.

Two actors will portray Prince William in the sixth season, Ed McVey, 21, and 16-year-old Rufus Kampa, and both will be making their professional screen debuts.

the crown season 6 on netflix everything we know so far new cast members

Meg Bellamy (top left), Rufus Kampa (top center), and Ed McVey (top right)

Which historical events will we see in The Crown season 6?

Thanks to the release of the fifth season we can now take some educated assumptions on what historical events we can expect to see in the sixth season of The Crown.

We were extremely surprised that the death of Princess Diana wasn’t covered in the fifth season, which leaves plenty of events to happen for season 6.

  • The death of Princes Diana, and Dodi Fayed
  • The new Millenium
  • 9/11
  • Prince Harry’s one day of rehab
  • The death of Princess Margaret
  • The death of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
  • The Iraq War

The early 2000s were some of the hardest years in Queen Elizabeth’s life thanks to the death of her late sister, Princess Margaret, in February 2002. Only a month later in March 2002 at the age of 101, The Queen Mother also passed away.

Prior to the death of two of her closest family members, the Royal Family was still dealing with the fallout from the death of Lady Diana. At the age of 16, Prince Harry was confronted by his father, Prince Charles, after learning that Harry had regularly been smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol. Prince Harry was sent to Featherstone Lodge, a detox center for heroin addicts in Peckham, where he would learn the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Events outside of the UK saw the republican George W Bush become the 43rd President of the United States. In the first year of his presidency, the tragic events of 9/11 unfolded, eventually leading the US and its allies into the Iraq War and the War on terror.

What is the episode count for The Crown season 6?

Like the previous seasons, the final season will conclude with ten episodes.

What is the filming status of The Crown season 6?

Official Production Status: Filming (Last Updated: 16/03/2023)

We’ve covered the filming schedule of The Crown season 6 in greater detail, but we can confirm that filming began on September 1st, 2022.

Filming is scheduled to last several months and will end by April 30th, 2022.

As of March 15th, filming has been taking place in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, following actor Ed McVey in his role as Prince William during his time at St. Andrews university where he would meet his future wife Kate Middleton.

Are you excited for the final season of The Crown on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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