Sydney Sweeney Wants an Impartial Audience for Her Upcoming Film, ‘Reality’

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney has cashed in on the fame she received from Euphoria to score great projects. The 25-year-old shocked the cinephiles at the Berlin International Film Festival with her realistic performance in the film Reality. Sure, the audience has high expectations for the film, but did you know the lead actress is also asking for a favor before the audience watches the film?

Reality is based on the story of NSA whistleblower Reality Winner. It focuses on the aspect of Winner’s life where two FBI agents interrogated her for about an hour and a half. She was accused of disclosing details about Russian meddling in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election. Hence, there are plenty of people who might see the film through a political lens.

And that is why the White Lotus actress told the Hollywood Reporter, “I hope that instead of interpreting the case through a partisan lens, this movie can offer a window into what this woman went through on that day.” 

She also mentioned to the publication that the director Tina Satter has tried her best to present the film in a humane and sensitive way while maintaining the veracity of the original case. But how much did she originally know about the Winner before signing the film?

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Sydney Sweeney was shocked to learn about the original case of Winner

The real case of the NSA whistleblower is a startling case in itself. Apparently, the Spokane native had no idea whatsoever about the case before she auditioned for the film. She mentioned that when she got the audition, she began her research and found out the director has already written a play on it.

Yes, Tina Satter wrote a play called ‘Is This a Room’ back in 2019 which is based on the real audio transcripts of the Winner interrogation. Hence, the Everything Sucks! actress was stunned when she found out that all these things happened to a real person.

The minute, this Euphoria star got the idea of the whole case, she began her preparation for the role. Sweeney saw the interviews, did her self-research, and even got a chance to talk with the real Reality Winner. She mentioned that it was hard to copy the mannerisms of a person who exists in reality, but her dedicated preparation helped her get into the skin of Winner.

What are your thoughts about Sweeney’s request of watching the film with an unbiased lens? Tell us in the comments.

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