SNL Takes Down Anti-Drag Thirst Trap-Liking Lt. Governor Randy McNally

Six months after making history by becoming SNL’s first out nonbinary cast member, Molly Kearney scored some of the night’s laughs during their very first “Weekend Update” appearance Saturday night.

Appearing as Randy McNally, Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor who is staunchly anti-drag show but apparently very pro liking racy pics of young gay men and trans women on Instagram, apologized for being late to the show. “I spent all day printing out Mapquest directions,” Kearney’s McNally told co-anchor Colin Jost, adding: “I don’t know if you know this, but I am not good at the internet.”

While Jost attempted to get some further explanation on some of McNally’s more questionable internet activity—like commenting on a semi-nude photo of a 20-year-old gay man’s photo that “you can turn a rainy day into rainbows and sunshine”—the Tennessee lawmaker admitted that he “didn’t think people would find out because I used a screen name.” That name? “Lieutenant Governor McNally.”

When Jost persisted, pointing out that McNally “commented three hearts and three fire emojis on this naked photo of the same young gay man,” Kearney explained, “I don’t discriminate. I comment on photos of all orientations. Orientations like: from the side, from the front, from the back. There does not have to be a butt, but it helps.”

Jost did his best not to break while Kearney flirted with him, insisting that “you’re claiming these interactions are innocent, but it doesn’t look good.” McNally assured the co-anchor that he is “just looking out for the little guy. Joe Average. Every Tom, Dick, and Hairless.”

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