Ruggable Washable Doormat Review 2023

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I always have high hopes when I buy a cute doormat. Adorable seasonal designs and clever, cute slogans like “hello” and “welcome” are often splashed across these front-door accessories, but it doesn’t take long for them to turn into dirty, worn-out mats you want to throw away in just a few short months. From being walked on every day, plastered in dirt and mud, and exposed to constant sun and rain, these outdoor doormats don’t stand a chance of holding up against the familiar elements.

Over the years, my patience has worn thin with doormats. Even if I find one I really adore and want to buy, I know that the wear and tear of sitting outside and being trampled on will destroy them in no time, so I often stick with my same worn-out mats and tolerate their ugliness and disarray. But when I heard about Ruggable’s innovative Washable Doormats, I knew that I had to try them out to see if they could stand up against the wear and tear of sitting at my busy entryway. And, after treading on them day in and day out and seeing how incredibly well they hold up, I am now becoming quite the collector of these bulletproof doormats.

Like Ruggable’s famous washable rugs, these Washable Doormats are designed to be thrown in the washer to be efficiently cleaned and reused again. In the time since I’ve owned my first Ruggable Doormat, I’ve only had to wash mine once, and it came out looking brand new again. I was impressed that it took over a month actually to look somewhat unclean sitting outside, but that’s all thanks to the mat’s unique design.

Ruggable Washable Doormat

These washable doormats are unstoppable.

Made with an innovative technology called SeasonShield, these doormats are both UV and mildew resistant and made with dirt-trapping bristles, so you don’t have to worry about them turning into dirty, disgusting messes. And perhaps the most surprising thing about them is that when you walk on them barefoot, they aren’t rough and prickly; they feel soft and super forgiving—a very pleasant change from the bristly doormats I’ve owned before.

If you’re purchasing a Ruggable Washable Doormat for the first time, you’ll also have to purchase the rubber mat to go underneath your doormat cover, which clings to the rubber mat and stays secure. Once you have the rubber mat base, you can purchase any number of awesome interchangeable covers, like monogram letters, glorious pet-themed mats, and tried-and-true welcome and hello mats, each for $60.

Considering what you’ll spend replacing those short-lived $20 doormats every three to six months, you’ll come out money ahead buying Ruggable’s Washable Doormats. I’ve already packed away my lovely Christmas-themed doormat for next year (I actually get to use it again next year!), and if you’re like me and are already planning for the seasons to come, you shouldn’t wait to grab Ruggable’s spring-inspired doormat already featured on their website.

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