Recess Craft Mocktails Review

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I’m a salt-rimmed margarita girlie through and through, but there are absolutely nights when I’d rather not throw back this tequila-soaked drink. Cocktails may be tasty, but the euphoric effects are temporary, and the consequences may be aplenty, depending on how your body decides to react to its consumption. So while I get the hype of feeling buzzed, sometimes I only briefly feel calm, cool, and collected before suddenly becoming ill, insecure, and irritable (hangxiety, anyone?).

This is one of the reasons why I love Recess’s new Zero Proof mocktail collection, which was created as an alcohol alternative inspired by popular craft cocktails. Like the brand’s beverages from their magnesium-infused “Mood” and Hemp-infused collections, Recess’s zero-proof mocktails are meant to balance and uplift your mind and spirit without the use of any actual alcohol-based spirits.

The collection is infused with balancing adaptogens and real ingredients, including the nootropic guayusa (provides a “balanced boost”), L-theanine (“eases tension and lightens the mood”), and lemon balm (“supports equilibrium” and “helps you unwind”). This new collection is inspired by (and contains) the flavors of some classic craft cocktails, including Lime “Margarita,” Grapefruit “Paloma,” Watermelon “Mojito,” and Ginger Lime “Mule.”

Recess Craft Mocktails 8-Pack

These uplifting mocktails also contain 10mg of natural caffeine, making them a great choice for drinking at a party.

I decided to put these mocktails to the test the best way I knew how: by getting my roommate—who is as much of a fruity-and-fizzy-drink girlie as I am—to try them. The difference here is that while I can love and appreciate a good mixed drink, Kaya is a skilled bartender and server, so she’s great at both tasting and making cocktails. That’s why instead of me simply rating and ranking them, I recruited her expertise by having her blind taste-test the four flavors—and she did not disappoint (as you can see in our video below on Scouted’s TikTok account, where we test other new drink and food releases and other cool products).

Kaya’s ranking:

1. Watermelon “Mojito” – 8/10

2. Grapefruit “Paloma” – 7/10

3. Ginger Lime “Mule” – 6/10

4. Lime “Margarita” – 6/10

My ranking:

1. Grapefruit “Paloma” – 8/10

2. Lime “Margarita” – 7/10

3. Watermelon “Mojito” – 6/10

4. Ginger Lime “Mule” – 6/10

“It definitely could be enjoyed as an alternative to alcoholic cocktails,” Kaya Blumenthal-Rothchild, an NYC-based server and bartender of two years, said. “The collection has good flavor choices.”

Overall, this is a solid collection that offers unique flavors with 5g of sugar or less. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free beverage to bring to your next party (that’s not just fizzy water or sugary juice), you may find a favorite within this collection that’s meant to keep you engaged and in control of yourself. To find your own favorite alcohol-free drink of choice, you should check out Recess’s other samplers, including Recess with Hemp (to relax and focus) and Recess Mood (to gently uplift you).

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