Prince Harry Listens to This Singer’s Music to “get through dark times”

Prince Harry likes listening to Shenseea

It is no secret that Prince Harry has always been the odd one out of the great Imperial Family of the United Kingdom. While everyone else in the family religiously follows the royal protocols and practices, the Duke of Sussex has hardly ever run lines with any of them. In fact, we cannot leave his major inclination toward American culture and tradition unnoticed. Prince Harry, in fact, has made it mainstream himself through some similar confessions in the record-breaking memoir, Spare. 

Prince Harry's Spare
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Although most of the Spare revelations were full of explosive truth bombs that the Duke dropped on his estranged family, a few of it was also dedicated to his own life and times. In light of the same, Prince Harry wrote of his own coping mechanisms in his memoir. 

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Although the Duke of Sussex is a great pioneer of proper mental health and seeking therapy for the same, his other way to “get himself through dark times” was listening to singer Shenseea. “In the times I felt alone and separated from my family, I always took time to myself to sit back and listen to Shenseea,” wrote the Duke in the autobiography. 

Singer Shenseea reacts to Prince Harry listening to her songs

A few hours ago, Billboard news interviewed the star on her forthcoming projects and music albums. In the course of the same interview, the host also asked the star how she felt about Prince Harry claiming himself as a fan of hers. Replying to it, the star said, “I feel amazing!She also added that it came much unexpectedly to her. However, she had a guess what Prince Harry could be grooving to the most. 

On her official Twitter handle, the star made a guess while saying, “I know Rebel is his song! That intro is it” with hands making a heart sign emoji next to it. She had also embedded another tweet which broke to her about the Duke’s fascination with her music. Shenseea was all intrigued by the fact that she has a royal fan and her reactions in the interview, quite showed the same. 

What are your opinions on the same? Have you listened to the track Shenseea is talking about? Let us know in the comments below.

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