P.volve Workout Equipment Streaming Classes Review

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I saw a social media post a few years back featuring the fit actress Kate Bosworth exercising with a ball between her legs. Despite a flashback to Suzanne Somers’ Thigh Master moment, the novelty stuck in my head, but flash forward a few years, and I, too, have a ball between my legs. The ball, as it turns out, is a proprietary piece of fitness equipment from P.volve, the P.ball. P.volve workouts are unlike anything I’ve ever done—and that’s saying a lot, considering I’ve worked out my entire adult life ( counter to my vices). P.volve’s exercises focus on ‘functional movement’ as opposed to traditional exercise, meaning the workouts are designed to strengthen your body in ways that you actually use it in everyday life. It’s a revelation and relief to stop doing lunges and other traditional exercises and learn a low-impact way to strengthen my entire body.

The beginner workouts can be challenging even for a fit person because they involve learning a new approach to exercise. This learning curve was intimidating but ultimately fun. There are some familiar moves in the mix, like planks, but with add-ons to kick everything up a notch. The workouts are continuous, so even 20 or 30 minutes can be intense–perfect for maximizing free time during the day (and not using the old ‘no time’ excuse!).

Some of the most challenging moves include standing on one leg–which is deceptively hard, yet engages your core in all new ways. As my favorite trainer Antoniette says, we think of our core as abs–but it’s actually our back and glutes too. So, strengthening our bodies this way prevents injuries and supports us in everyday life, which has also been a big awakening. Now, months into doing P.volve, I notice a huge difference in how my body moves and the strength I find in everyday tasks—especially while twisting or balancing.

P.volve equipment can be purchased individually or in kits, though kits come with a three-month subscription that you’ll need to get started. P.volve trainers are all fantastic but Chief Training Officer Antonietta Vicario‘s guidance is especially helpful to me as I continue to learn. Pictured here using a P.3 trainer, she has several videos in the ‘Get Started’ section for beginners.

The workouts are grouped in series: for beginners (a sweet spot to learn the new movements), women’s wellness, progressive strength training, meditation, stretching, and more. You’ll find yourself doing exercises while internally and externally rotating your hips and spine, which in itself has been life-changing. The pain I used to experience in my hips and shoulders is alleviated, and my balance and core strength have improved so much that I feel it every day, like while getting dressed, shaving my legs, or taking out the trash. Though P.volve is suited for anyone, specific workouts address issues unique to women. For example, women between the ages of 35-50 are typically experiencing hormonal fluctuations, and there are workouts geared towards our cycles, menopause, and strengthening the pelvic floor.

P.volve gear is specially designed to supplement this updated way of working out, though there are some recognizable pieces, like ankle and hand weights. The Essentials Kit includes the basics, and even comes with three months of subscription, a one-on-one trainer consultation, and access to the live-streaming series. The pieces I also find indispensable are the Precision Mat which helps you gauge if you’re spacing your feet correctly while watching instructors, and the P.mat, which is perfectly sized and the only mat I’ve ever used that my knees didn’t hurt while kneeling. It’s also been crucial to have both two-pound hand weights and heavier ones (I already had six-pound dumbbells). I’m currently eyeing the Slant Board as my equipment collection grows since everything fits in a basket and doesn’t take up much room.

I also use P.volve’s massage equipment, including the foam roller (it’s the best one I’ve used), and these weird little massage balls that I scooped last minute while checking out and are unexpectedly amazing–at least two friends who tried mine begged me to get the massage balls for them, too.

The Essentials Kit is a five-piece set perfect for getting started. The brand also offers a cost-saving Total Transformation Kit if you’d like to dive in with 11 pieces of equipment, providing more variety for your workouts. The individual workouts list which equipment is needed for each, so you’ll know before starting.

I’m grateful to have the massage equipment after my first live-streaming class. Since I’d been using the P.volve system on-demand, I took my fitness ascension at my own pace, but the live workout was a next-level challenge that I’m grateful for. The instructor was motivating and fun to work out with, inspiring me to get through the whole workout–and yes, I had my camera ON. It was the best I’ve slept in months, but I was sore the next day—in a good way.

For those who need extra help or motivation, additional virtual personal training sessions can be purchased. If you travel often, P.volve also has a free app and live studios. With the variety of workouts P.volve offers, you can get started from the comfort of your home regardless of your fitness level, and membership pricing is very competitive at only $150 annually.

There’s no better investment than in your own health and strength, and we have to get started somewhere for that to provide returns.

Don’t let obstacles get in your way!

P.volve Fitness (dog not included)

I look forward to seeing what’s next from P.volve and if I can heed the challenge (spoiler: I can because building self-confidence in your body and mind will take you everywhere). Hank not included!


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