“Mother and father”- Pedro Pascal and Elisabeth Olsen Break the Internet as They Pair-Up at the 95th Oscar Awards

The Oscar ceremony this year is special for many reasons. One of which is the increased inclusion of a variety of artists, the other being Pedro Pascal. From Best Film to Best Documentary film, the Awards this year is crediting talents, both old and new. While Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the event, with careful humor and wit, an exciting queue of presenters only adds to the appeal of the event.

Pedro Pascal to not leave this show
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With Dwayne Johnson, Allison Williams, and Riz Ahmed presenting the awards, the Short Documentary Film category surprisingly gained a lot of attention. Not just for the movies, but also for the celebrities presenting the Award. The duo is none other than Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal. Both actors have been the talk of the internet for a while with a wild fan base. Especially with Pascal lovingly earning the ‘daddy’ tag.

Jimmy Kimmel jokingly introduced the short film documentary category as one that takes a lot of time. Introducing Olsen as an amazing stunning actress, he simply introduced Pascal as the guy who appears on Disney+ and HBO shows. The announcement itself had the audience roaring in cheer. They announced The Elephant Whisperers to be the winner of this year’s Best Documentary.

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Meanwhile, the entire world had its eyes glued as the duo appeared on the stage. What followed was an endless stream of thirsty fan comments referring to the actors as ‘mother and father’.

Fans adorably hail Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal as mother and father

Pascal has been making rounds on the internet, earning the name ‘daddy’ for his desirable, protective, and humorous traits that come from both his roles and personality. Olsen’s presence only added to the craze of the fans.

Fans went absolutely gaga over the duo twinning in matching black outfits. Olsen wore a shimmery dress while Pedro styles a black coat under a white high-collared shirt. Twitterati were quick to refer to them as mother and father or mommy and daddy while swooning over them.

One even hailed them as parents of the internet, while another announced how they ‘ate’ the night with their presence. Then there are those who hope to see the two collide or collaborate on a project together in the near future. This has undoubtedly been Pascal’s year, thanks to his performance in The Last of Us and The Mandalorian.

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Were you excited to see Olsen and Pascal on the 2023 Oscar stage? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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