Mike Lindell Backtracks on Claims MyPillow Is Going Broke

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says his company is in great shape just hours after telling Steve Bannon it was going broke due to political pressure.

“I invented MyPillow2.0 and it is doing great!” Lindell told The Daily Beast on Wednesday night.

“Over 1/2 the loans are already paid back! MyPillow2.0 is manufactured 100% by MyPillow in Minnesota! You must have seen the ads in all TV stations across the country,” he said, referencing his collaboration with QAnon podcasts and web shows that are selling MyPillow products in a significant profit-sharing deal.

Lindell has been entangled in a number of lawsuits brought about by voting machine manufacturers after he spread unfounded conspiracy theories based on the “stolen” 2020 election. Lindell is a diehard Trump supporter.

The full scope of financial crisis is unclear, however, in January, he told WCCO that MyPillow had lost $100 million in retailers and that “we are not up 30-40%—we are down. We are down. I had to borrow money.”

Lindell told former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on Wednesday: “The machine companies continue to sue us for billions of dollars, and we had to borrow almost $10 million at MyPillow.”

Lindell declined to say whether MyPillow is currently losing money, instead telling The Daily Beast that “MyPillow had to spend millions on lawsuits and the last 2 years lost 30 box stores and shopping channels.

“All because their CEO wants to get rid of electronic voting machines and help a save our country!

“I will not stop until we fix our election platforms and get rid of voting machines.”

In his interview with Bannon, Lindell also said MyPillow was being audited, agreeing “100%” with Bannon that it was a form of political payback for his efforts surrounding the election.

Lindell later clarified that he—not MyPillow—was facing the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

“You know, we got to get rid of these machines,” he said. “And all I do is get attacked every day for it. And it’s the pushback that comes from every barrel, from my phone being taken by the FBI, now the IRS audit, and my company being attacked every single day.”

He revealed the FBI still had his phone after seizing it at a Hardees drive-thru last year. “They still have it,” he said. “I sued them and the government. It’s just one thing after another.”

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