Meghan Markle Makes Her Way Into A Cook Book, As She Shared A Dessert Recipe with Chef Jose Andres

Meghan Markle at a panel discussion in 2019

As they say, Charity in any form strengthens humanity. Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in news for their charity work in different fields. This time the Duchess of Sussex made her way to a charity book as she shared a delicious recipe for dessert in Chef Jose Andres’ new book. 

Who doesn’t like to have a good plate of dessert on their plate? Well, you can now make them in your house and feel royal like the former Suits star. The actress contributed to the new book published by Penguin Random House named The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope. The former actress shared a recipe for a lemon olive oil cake for the charity book.

The Duke and Duchess’ Archwell Foundation, which is thriving with all the fund it raised, also mentioned the contribution of the Duchess to the book. It said the cookbook was a captivating collection of stories and recipes from well-known chefs, local cooks, and friends of the worldwide nonprofit that feeds different communities. Especially those communities that were affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises, as reported by People. Now, in the book, you can find the recipes by the Suits star along with Michelle Obama, Ayesha Curry, and many more well-known personalities. 

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Until the book hit the shelves in different libraries, doesn’t the name of the cake shared by the Duchess sound familiar to you?

Where have you heard the name of the cake by Meghan Markle?

March 2021 was the day when Markle sent a group of women restaurant owners to Chicago. These restaurants partnered with World Central Kitchen. They fed people in need when the world faced one of the huge crises of Covid-19. Moreover, the California-based royal made the cake with lemons from her own garden.

The American actress also wrote in a statement expressing her gratitude and the importance of it as well. While the Duchess has been contributing to the wellness of humans, she once again made a delicious contribution.

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What are your thoughts about the charity recipe by the Duchess of Sussex? You can find the recipe in the book on the 12th of September. Till then, share your thoughts about the act of charity by Meghan Markle in the comment box below.

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