Maria Shriver Revealed the Reason Behind Her Going to a Convent After She Got Divorced from Arnold Schwarzenegger

While the world was recovering from the pandemic’s losses, Maria Shriver was dealing with her anticipated divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The couple originally split in the year 2011 but got officially divorced in 2021. Until 2011, they were counted as one of the most successful couples in Hollywood.

The couple was together for 35 years, from 1986 to 2021. The decision to separate was hard on both of them. While the former governor of California recalls the divorce as his biggest failure in life, for Shriver, it was unbearable. She recently recalled and shared her painful experience following her divorce from Schwarzenegger.

Maria Shriver went to a convent after she and Arnold Schwarzenegger split

The Terminator actor and his Shriver had a divorce because the 75-year-old actor admitted to having an affair with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena, while also having a child with her. The 67-year-old journalist, on the other hand, filed for divorce in 2011, shortly after learning of her husband’s affair and a child he shares with the maid out of wedlock.

About almost a year after their divorce, Shriver recalls the time when she had an intense, eye-opening conversation with a nun. She recently made an appearance in the ‘Making Space with Hoda Kotb’ podcast. During the episode, she spoke about how devastating her split from Schwarzenegger was and how it led her to a convent. As per Yahoo! News, she said on the podcast, “I went to a convent, a cloistered convent, and to be in silence and look for advice.”

The 67-year-old said that the reverend mother of the convent guessed that Shriver was there in search of permission. She also happened to mention that she felt like being in a scene from the 1965 classic The Sound of Music. The nun there told her that she cannot live there but she had permission to become Maria as she steps out.

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She claims that the remarks of the nun had a profound impact on her and she even sobbed after that. Shriver also mentioned that she always stepped away from being vulnerable and weak, but at that moment, she let her emotions loose. She currently works for NBC and is quite happy with her life now.

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