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Try as we might, it’s impossible to escape the cornucopia of global wonders Amazon offers us. The Japan Store, the Made in Italy store, and now, the massive retailer has also brought us all the Dutch treats in one curated place. If you’ve ever wandered into one of Holland’s famed cafes, it’s difficult to know if the food is that delicious or if it was the post-cafe munchies. Wonder no longer, as your next Sunday brunch can be complete with Dutch pancakes, poffertjes, classic frites sauce, and other delicacies from the Netherlands.

Whether hungering for the famous authentic speculaas, stroopwafels, or salted licorice, you won’t need to book a trip to score these international treats. There’s much to learn about a culture through traditional foods while trying something new, so it feels fun and educational to taste (I can justify eating snacks in many creative ways, thank you). Most of these treats are under $20, but if you are really hankering, score that $125 authentic Dutch Gouda cheese wheel without shame; it’s still cheaper than airfare–unless flying RyanAir from an adjacent country. Scroll through to see a few top picks that will have even the most detached expats longing for home.

With caramel syrup sandwiched between two thin wafer-waffles, these are delectable with coffee or any time of the day. With over 16,000 happy reviews, people call these phenomenal and offer tips to devour, like “They can be heated so the caramel melts a bit, or eaten straight out of the box.” Yum. There are variety packs that include the honey, caramel and chocolate versions, minis, or window-shop the Daelman’s storefront to shop all the variations.

I’m surely not the only one whose parents were purists and made hot cocoa from scratch, though today I prefer it made with oat milk, it still brings back fond memories. Just as rich as it was then, Droste cacao is simply the best one for baking, drinking, and whatever you may whip up.

Koopman’s Dutch Pancake Mix, Pannen Koeken

Made larger and thinner than American pancakes, Koopman’s traditional mix includes buckwheat. Perfect anytime, because in Holland, pancakes can be any meal of the day. Also available in Poffertjes, a smaller, yeast version.

Hellema Speculaas Spiced Gourmet Cookies

Anyone who ever opened a box like this only to find grammy’s sewing kit can now rejoice with actual cookies in this giftable Delft tin.

Red Cow Full Cream Milk Powder

Perfect if you don’t keep fresh milk in the fridge (it spoils so quickly!), this full cream milk powder has countless uses and is shelf-stable. It can be used in any recipe that calls for milk: hot cereals like cream of wheat, to lighten coffee, and much more. The Dutch really love cows, so I’m betting this is some of the best milk powder available.

One can easily go down a rabbit hole looking at all the Dutch licorice shapes and variations, from salted coins, windmills, to school chalk shapes. Whichever is your preference, Venco has it covered; the Netherlands largest licorice company offers a diverse variety.


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