Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Just Another ‘Grifting Ass Republican’

Just add Kimberly Guilfoyle to the long list of MAGA Republican grifters.

Donald Trump Jr.’s fiance has a grift so bizarre that it’s funny, and hosts of The New Abnormal podcast, Danielle Moodie and Andy Levy, had the pleasure of listening to her pitch the grift in this new bonus episode.

“Don Jr.’s been talking about it. Gold and silver can protect your retirement savings from inflation and dollar devaluation. And owning tangible, physical, inflation-hedging gold and silver can help diversify your portfolio,” she says in the clip. “So go to Kim’s Medals—it’s kind of catchy— dot com to learn more. That’s”

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Danielle cracks up immediately.

“They’re a walking infomercial, these griftin’ ass Republicans,” she says flabbergasted.

“I don’t know how you hear this, and not say to yourself, ‘wait a minute, if this is what she’s saying about some gold company, she’s trying to get me to invest in gold that she’s getting paid to do, maybe the other shit that she is saying isn’t real either.’ But they never quite make that leap,” adds Andy.

Speaking of Don Jr, though, the hosts also respond to a clip of him talking about why his supporters can’t trust those “bureaucrat idiots” because they lie and lack the experience they claim to have.

“Let me check Junior’s resume real quick. Has he worked at a company that didn’t have daddy’s name on it? Let me see,” Danielle quips.

Then things get serious later in this episode when Danielle Campoamor, a reporter at Today Parents, tells co-host Danielle how Texas anti-abortion laws are driving women close to death—literally.

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