Kim Kardashian Asked to Keep North West Away From Social Media After a Bizzare ‘Brain Dead’ Post

Was Kanye West right about his daughter North West being overexposed? The Donda singer was famously married to socialite Kim Kardashian until recently. During the course of their marriage, they had four children together, with North West being the eldest. Now, that the couple is divorced, the children are seen mostly with their mother.

As the kids began growing up, they would appear alongside both West and Kardashian. But the father is not very fond of the children appearing on their mother’s social media so often. The Kardashian defended her actions by claiming that she is protective of the kids. However, some recent posts by North West have left fans wondering if the nine-year-old needs to be out of social media.

Why is a North West post bringing Kim Kardashian under fire?

Children nowadays are inevitably landing on social media at a tender age. Especially when you are in a family of socialites, it becomes a part of your life. When it comes to Kim Kardashian, she has always spoken about protecting her children, even if they are exposed a bit too much to the world. She shares her Tik Tok account with her daughter North West as they often post things together. However, as per The Mirror, a recent post by the daughter has concerned some fans. “She should definitely not be on social media. This is probably the only thing I’m with Kanye on”, said one commentator.

A few others suggested that the daughter should be offline or have limited access to the internet. In the abovementioned Tik Tok video, North West has a piece of paper written ‘brain dead’ that she cuts with scissors. A second paper with the same words is then glued on her head as she makes varied expressions and dances around. It is captioned, “The brain be like though.” 

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This is not the first time that concerns were raised over her post. Another one captioned, “when I have a math test” showed West’s daughter making faces. In one video, the daughter is dressed up as her father, while her mother is dressed as herself. So far, the SKKN owner has assured that this was all done in fun and with measures, even though Ye has criticized it.

Do you agree with the fans that criticized Kim Kardashian for North West’s presence on social media? Comment your thoughts.

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