Kardashians Axed but Anna Wintour Wants to Invite “amazing” Meghan Markle to the Met Gala 2023?

Meghan Markle to be invited for Met Gala?

The Sussexes make headlines anytime they are seen together. The couple does not necessarily have to be on the Kensington Palace balcony, BAFTA red carpet, or just on a normal footpath. Although one event that fans have wanted them to attend is the Met Gala. And with the coronation falling around the same time as MET Gala, the audiences are intrigued, especially because Met Gala is also referred to as Anna Wintour’s party. And Wintour and Markle are two women who have paved their way to royalty. As Wintour cuts down on her guest list this year, whether Meghan Markle makes the cut has had the same impact as the final round of a beauty pageant.

The masses have always had diverse opinions on Meghan Markle. And rarely has a well-known celebrity chosen to weigh in on the debate. But the Duchess of Sussex has earned a fan in Anna Wintour. Will this grant her an easy pass to the MET Gala 2023?

Fashion royalty Anna Wintour finds inspiration in Meghan Markle

While the Duchess of Sussex had mud splashed on her despite the royal title, the chief editor of Vogue magazine is hailed by the audiences. Therefore, she gets to decide who steps into her empire, to which the Met Gala is the gateway. The fashion mogul has recently made headlines after it was reported that she has axed the Kardashians off her guestlist despite their show-stealing appearances in the past years. This made fans wonder if the Sussexes will make the cut. And if Anna Wintour still stands by her 2019 statement of being “inspired” by the Duchess of Sussex, it is going to be a royal Met Gala. “I think she’s amazing,” she said in Vogue’s Go Ask Anna web series.

Anna Wintour gushing about Meghan Markle was not a once-in-a-blue-moon event. Especially in 2019. A lot has changed hierarchically and politically since then, but Meghan Markle’s style still remains top-notch. And according to Anna Wintour, that is all you need for a Met Gala invitation.

Coronation or Met Gala? What is the Duchess’ cup of tea?

It was confirmed by the couple’s office that they have received an invitation to the coronation. Furthermore, that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are invited to the Met Gala although not confirmed officially is expected. But when it comes down to one, fans wonder what will Meghan Markle’s choice be.

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Will she feed the narrative that she pushed Prince Harry away from his family by not attending the coronation? Will Markle reclaim her industrial fame by making heads turn at the Met Gala or will she sit at home and binge on her favorite rom-com as she relaxes in her $21 million mansion? In any case, no choice of the Duchess will nullify her of the scrutiny of netizens.

What do you think will Meghan Markle choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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