“Joe and Hunter Biden of Hollywood”- Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun at Spielberg and Seth Rogen at Oscars 2023

Jimmy Kimmel at 2018 Academy Awards

The Oscars 95 are finally here and our very own Jimmy Kimmel has already got the audience guffawing in the first few minutes of the show. As the Award Ceremony commenced, Kimmel got down to his own way of welcoming the stars to the event with all applause but with the classic tinge of slight roast. Be it the Godfather of movie directors, Steven Spielberg, or be it the King Richards star, Will Smith, Kimmel knows what he is doing. 

Jimmy Kimmel at 2018 Academy Awards
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Speaking of Spielberg, he was not alone, though. Kimmel mock-slapped the granddad of Hollywood along with his actor-costar Seth Rogen while calling them the best pair of 2022. “The Joe and Hunter Biden of Hollywood” has been getting some wild groans from the fans, and we know why. 


He further went on to poke a little more fun with the Canadian star asking him what he was high on. “Be honest, Seth. Mushrooms, right?” asked the host with the audience, crying tears while spilling peals of laughter all over. He further asked him if it was Steven who gave him one, taking a swipe at their movie together, the semi-autobiographical movie, The Fabelemans. 

Give him one! Let’s see what happens! Maybe he’ll make something crazy,” added the host while concluding his roasting episode with the two stars. Nonetheless, it is to see whether all these games and fun still continue with the underdog of the best director category managing to bring home an Oscar for his works. 

What more is coming by Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars 95?

Prior to this, taking a swipe at his work, Kimmel got the crowd cheering while addressing how Hollywood was running out of movie ideas. Therefore, Steven Spielberg had to make a movie on Steven Spielberg and that’s how it ended with the old man. 

In case you were wondering if that was all, you are wrong. The star-studded event just started and more subtle jibes are on their way with Kimmel utilizing his roasting techniques to his fullest. 

How did you like the joke? Let us know in the comments below. 

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