Jean-Michel Basquiat Ruggable Collab

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I’m a visual artist and often scorn the use of esteemed artwork in commercial goods; it’s the artist’s ‘J’en sais quoi’ temperament. However, even I have to admit the new Ruggable collaboration with Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art is not only gorgeous but also an original way to add art to the home past the walls. I was lucky to see the Brant Foundation’s exhibit of Basquiat a few years ago. The high-ceiling rooms were majestically adorned with his breathtaking art, often several feet tall or larger. And while there’s a new exhibit opening soon in L.A., the rest of us can own a little Basquiat ourselves via our favorite home decor brand. The Ruggable designs feel authentic to the artist’s works, and I love the idea of displaying art not just on your walls–but everywhere, floor up.

A Brooklyn native, Basquiat’s work deals with class and culture, being influenced by graffiti and music. Yet, somehow these designs work in a variety of style settings, elevating otherwise unremarkable decor, which is the case with Ruggable’s collabs. The brand has changed the design game with its innovations; I get so many compliments on the large rug in my living room. Like all Ruggable area rugs, the new collection is standard two-piece rugs (the rug and the rug pad), allowing you to easily wash the top piece. Considering the last Basquiat sold was for north of $110 million, these pieces certainly feel like a bit of a steal. While upping your style quotient exponentially, having great art in your home sparks conversations–and here’s to remembering a legendary creative, even in our everyday lives.

Ruggable x Jean-Michel Basquiat

Ruggable x Jean-Michel Basquiat

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