“I’m coming across as such a creep for poor Henry” – When Amy Adams Felt Bad for Using the “Tongue Trick” While Kissing Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams were a sight to see on-screen when they portrayed Superman and Lois Lane, respectively. Not only were they delightful to look at, but their chemistry radiated through the screens. As it often happens with superhero movies, the love arch seems unnecessary and forced for the sake of clicks. However, that was not the case with Cavill and Adams.

As Lois Lane, she helped Superman become a better version of himself. The characters complimented each other so well that when they kissed, the audience watched teary-eyed. However, Amy Adams’ revelation when she appeared on the Graham Norton Show while promoting the movie indicated that Henry Cavill too might also have gotten teary-eyed. But not for the same reasons as the viewers.

Amy Adams’s kissing trick failed on Henry Cavill

Adams revealed that the kiss may have looked breathtaking on screen, but the making of it was a completely different story. She confessed that she was trying to incorporate a tongue sequence within their kissing scene, as she learned from David O. Russell. The actress has worked with Russell in some of her most well-known projects, which is probably why she trusted his trick would work with Henry Cavill.

“David O. Russell has a thing with tongue. Yeah, he likes to see it,” Adams said, but it did not work out with Cavill. The actress also pointed out how the actor gets uncomfortable as soon as someone compliments his looks. “I’m coming across as such a creep for poor Henry,” Adams added. She can always blame it on Cavill, never working with Russell and hence not knowing the technique.

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However, this is not the first time Cavill has found himself in such a position. The actor has a passionate and vast fanbase which became pretty evident by the rage on DC after Cavill’s exit.

While many were broken and frustrated that Cavill did not receive appreciation for the brilliance he brought to his rule, others were shattered because they won’t be seeing him in the body sculpting Superman costume anymore. And if you know of Amy Adams’ first reaction to seeing him in the costume, she may have been among the latter. The actor is phenomenal in every character he portrays and his costars, especially actresses, only have great things to say about him. Fans hope for the same as Cavill works on his dream project Warhammer 40,000.

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