HYPOCRITE! Royal Experts Call Out Prince Harry for The Five Minutes S*x Scandal with His ‘mystery woman’

Prince Harry’s sprawling controversies surrounding him and his mystery woman reveal will last longer than he did. The Duke after having released the tell-all memoir has faced some unprecedented allegations right out of nowhere. Although, being in the grasp of scathing speculations 24*7, he has by now gotten immune to such situations. Nonetheless, although Prince Harry seems all chill, the Royal experts can keep calm no more. 

Speaking to the Mail, Prince Harry’s older woman who took his virginity back in his teenage has exposed herself before the media. As we saw it coming, the woman, Sasha Walpole, made certain stirring remarks and took the internet on a ride. Adding to it is the publication’s editor who has chipped in his own views highlighting the crux of the matter. 

Prince Harry labeled a hypocrite as Sasha Walpole outs herself 

The editor and broadcaster, Richard Eden has written a substantial editorial for Daily Mail Plus, on the entire scandal. Taking the same to his Twitter handle, he called out the Duke as Hypocrite, as he wrote, “Prince Harry’s hypocrisy is truly astonishing.” In the same tweet, the editor has also voiced Walpole’s questions to the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry.

After speaking of the fiery quickie in an open field, the now mother of two breaks down on how Prince Harry has acted insensibly regarding the matter. “I kept our secret for 21 years,” said the horse lover as reported earlier. However, the article reads why would the Prince would not inform her that he will tell the world. Following the editor, others have also lambasted the Prince stating how he is forgetting that his current wife, Meghan Markle is even older.

Although readers thought the revelation was just it, the woman Prince Harry spoke about exposed herself in the public. Taking a swipe at her then-lover, the woman has accused Prince Harry of not upholding the integrity of their relationship before the world. Although the Duke never mentioned her name explicitly, Walpole knew the hunt for her would never stop until people found her.

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What’s your take on the matter? What do you have to chip in about the facts put forward by the Prince’s ex-lover? Do you think he acted insensibly? Let us know in the comments below.

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