How Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Left ‘Bored’ of Oscars in 2021 and Suggested to Change the Location to the Iconic Muscle Beach

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The Oscars are getting more interesting by the minute. However, that is not the case with every passing year. 2022’s infamous slap gate is still for one to go down. People got the drama they needed. However, there was a time when the bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, found the Academy Awards completely out of his league. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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The then 73-year-old actor and bodybuilder showed up at Jimmy Kimmel Live for a friendly banter about the monotonous Oscars of the year, 2021. There was no doubt that the Pandemic miserably affected the award function and its ways. However, its venue, format, and the date of the event also made it all the more susceptible to the former governor’s criticism. 

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say of the Oscars 2021?

Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed on the sets of Jimmy Kimmel Live that he had just watched the first 33% of the ceremony. The reason behind being “it was so boring.” He further expressed his ridicule about how he basically turned the show off because he could not stand it anymore. 

He was disgusted by the fact that there was so much talent in the room, but the Academy Awards organizers had given their worst shot to ever exist. “How could you make this, with all this talent, so boring?” gushed the actor to the host before the audience. Nonetheless, upon being asked for a better solution, Schwarzenegger suggested the spot Muscle Beach. 

Why did he start to work?

The star thought that it would be a nice place for the visitors to grace the biggest festival, 2023. For the unversed Muscle Beach, the stars’ suggested venue for the next Oscars is located in Santa Monica in the state of California. As the name suggests, the place is completely dedicated to popularizing bodybuilding, physical fitness, sports, and more. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Credits: Imago

Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel, the host has finally returned to the Academy Awards of 2023 after 2018 ever since. This will be his 3rd appearance in the prestigious award show as he consecutively hosted the Oscars, both in the year 2017 and 2018, respectively.

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Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was ranting about in the morning, actually works out when it is time to. He needs to earn more money, so I was telling you. 

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