History Repeats as Beyoncé Fans Boo Harry Styles on Stage at the Grammys After His Win

Sunday was one of the biggest music nights as the grand 65th Grammy awards took place. While the ceremony honors music legends for their contribution to the musical scene, it also manages to create new controversies every year. This year, history repeated once again when Beyoncé fans were enraged that their idol had lost the Album of The Year award to Harry Styles.

The British singer shot to fame as a member of One Direction. The Brit remained a member of the group until the group split. He then kickstarted his solo career with the ‘Sign of the Times.’ And in this year’s Grammy, the artist won the biggest award of the event for his latest album, ‘Harry’s House.’

Beyonce fans troll Harry Styles during his acceptance speech at the Grammys

Harry Styles’ Harry’s House and Beyonce’s Renaissance were both competing for the Album of The Year award. However, Styles pushed ahead of Queen Bey to win the honor for the third time. While the fans of the Adore You singer were delighted, Beyoncé’s fans were outraged. They did not keep their dissatisfaction to themselves. Instead, they slammed the 29-year-old and humiliated him when he got up on stage to accept the award, according to Koimoi.

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Fans in the crowd hollered at him to get off the stage; one even blatantly told him that he was undeserving of the award. While fans may think that the Falling crooner stole the ‘Cuff It’ singer’s award, Styles rather emphasized that one should never forget that there’s no competition in music in his acceptance speech. Everyone is an artist, hoping to create some music. Although it was quite a good acceptance speech and he handled the situation well, backstage Styles was rather apprehensive to answer a Beyonce-related question. 

The event was reminiscent of the time when Kanye West disregarded Taylor Swift’s win at the 2009 VMAs. While Swift was accepting the award for Best Video, Ye interrupted her onstage. He then snatched the mic away from her and claimed that Beyonce had the best music video, and the award doesn’t mean anything. Meanwhile, Taytay was the first to convey her support to her ex-boyfriend during his performance this Grammys. 

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Despite her loss, Beyonce did bag Best R&B and Best Dance/Electronic album this year. So it wasn’t such a loss, was it? What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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