Grand Prairie Students ‘Disgusted’ After Classmates Caught on Video Repeatedly Using N-Word

A Texas school is under fire after a video of students chanting racial slurs, including the N-word, surfaced. Now, community members want the students involved expelled and the president of the district’s board of trustees to resign.

“It really makes my stomach ache and sick… that we have students in 2023 feel that they can actually put a race-hatred video together,” said Grand Prairie NAACP President Angela Luckey-Vaughn in a Facebook Live video this week. “What’s more disturbing is that the principal, the president of the school board…you have to step up and you have to take appropriate actions.”

In a phone call with The Daily Beast, Grand Prairie Independent School District President Gloria Carrillo said the district was made aware on Sunday of a video featuring high school students using the N-word by Luckey-Vaughn. As the entire district is on spring break, Carrillo said the situation has yet to be properly investigated.

“Obviously, we’re dealing with minors, and we want to make sure that everyone has their due process,” Carrillo told The Daily Beast. “We’re not going to make any rush to judgment here. We’re going to investigate the thing thoroughly.”

She added that the district will complete an investigation once everyone is back from break.

“We’re dealing with young people, and we want to make sure that the investigation is done correctly,” she said.

In the video, which was obtained by CBS Texas, students can be seen in a classroom at John A. Dibiski Career High School making banners. Students’ faces have been blurred, and text on the banners and comments from students have been censored. But one of the banners reportedly reads, “ Hate N—— 4 life,” and students use the N-word throughout the short clip.

CBS Texas reported that the video was made last week, prior to the district’s spring break, and at least six students were involved. Carrillo said the students’ regular teacher was not in class, and they were under the supervision of a substitute.

Luckey-Vaughn, who did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment, held a Facebook Live Monday, in which she spoke to Black students of Dibiski—keeping their faces off-camera—about how the incident impacted them.

“I feel that the things these young adults were saying were absolutely unacceptable, especially coming from a school that’s focused on us, as minorities having a bright future and focusing on our careers,” one student said. “How can [we], as Black individuals, focus if we are being told by fellow classmates that they hate N-words?”

“I’m disgusted, but I’m also terrified because what does this mean for us?” another student asked. “This is a step back for all minorities.”

Another student said they don’t feel comfortable going to school anymore, and don’t “feel heard by the administration.”

“We gotta listen to the students,” Luckey-Vaughn said, looking into the camera. “It’s not fair that that group of students got to put a racial video together with the N-word, doing cheers with it, and none of them got punished.”

She blasted the school district, calling for the principal and president of the school board to take appropriate action and help students who have been affected. She also called for the students involved in the video to be expelled and sent to an “alternative school.”

“When I saw [the video], I was more than a little distressed,” Carrillo said. “We will conduct an investigation. We want to talk to everybody.”

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