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This Sunday evening, the hottest Stars will be lining up in the blazing city of L.A. to enter the 65th Annual Grammy Awards and experience what is bound to become a spicy topic in the world of celebrity gossip, with iconic moments, memes, and stellar performances. These (and Lizzo and Harry Styles and Kim Petras and such impending stellar performances) are a few of my favorite things. The anticipation is hot, hot, hot (!) as I write this in NYC, which tells me feels like a breezy zero degrees right now. Ahhh.

Anyway, thanks to the Grammys’ official gift selection list for its performers and presenters, I now have some inspiration for the type of swag I’d want to Gimme Gimme Gimme (a nod to Abba, the legendary group who has somehow yet to win a Grammy) to my friends and myself.

The 65th Official Grammy Gift Bag will include tons of items—including useful electronics, luxe skincare, and some bizarre additions like the Nerf Pro Gel Fire Gun. Instead of walking you through every single gift included in the bag, I’ve broken down an armful—insert pictures of the queen Taylor Swift holding all her Grammys here—of such swag into a category: items that would quickly become all-star picks in my life’s daily lineup.

So, without further ado, here are the nominees for best everyday-esque items from the 2023 Grammys’ gift bag that are also relatively affordable.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

The Banila Co. Clean It Zero products–including the cleansing balm original, whipped gel cream, and cleansing balm pore clarifying wash and makeup remover – are some of the best items in this whole celeb swag bag. This Korean-owned skincare brand is highly rated–with some products averaging nearly five stars with over 10,000 reviews–affordable, and overall simple but effective on your skin. I’m looking forward to the hopeful recognition the brand deserves from celebs once they try out these products themselves. It’s actually a Clean It 10 out of 10.

Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Throat Spray

Bee Propolis is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries, according to the product description, for immune support, throat relief, and more. I can see why Grammy-nominated stars are getting this product in their swag bag, considering they are singers and it’s cold and flu season; and, as someone who both hates getting sick and loves to talk, I can also see why I just added this antioxidant-rich product to my own cart.

Okay, maybe my obsession with Taylor’s song “Karma” plays a role in this pick – you would not be completely wrong. Yes, receiving this variety pack from Amazon is indeed a relaxing thought. But I also love roasted nuts and the idea of devouring peri peri spice and cinnamon-flavored cashews while binge-watching The White Lotus. I’d include The Last of Us here as well, but I did more crying than watching during last week’s episode. Like, ouch.

The Heart Company “Good Vibes in a Bottle” Perfume

Remind me to order this perfume before trying to score tickets to Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, because if this bottle truly gives all the good vibes, I’m going to need it. (If only I’d known about it before trying to get tickets to Taylor’s Eras tour.) I am obsessed with the citrusy top notes intermingled with sultry heart and base notes, like crushed raspberries and sandalwood. I mean, come on now. This perfume would probably give me the same sensory experience as swaying along to Kacey Musgraves’ Grammy award-winning album Golden Hour while nursing a fizzy cocktail somewhere in Sicily. Truly good vibes all around.

Refa is the presenting sponsor at the Grammys this year, so let’s be real—this rose gold heart hairbrush will likely be the talk of the town pretty soon. And good for Miss Refa, because this hairbrush is not only super cute, but great for detangling, adding shine, and soothing the scalp with low-stress brushing. I just know that this would be Barbie’s go-to.

You know what, if celebrities are going to be reading this book, then I might as well do so too. Because if I can’t have their wallets (for legal purposes, I don’t mean their actual wallets), it wouldn’t hurt to at least share some new mindsets and insights on life, right? We can take these ten steps together, even if their steps are onto a yacht and mine are not.

Slip Silk Hair Scrunchies

As someone with curly hair that can frizz pretty easily, I am very tempted to pick up a pack of these high-grade silk hair ties from this award-winning brand (shoutout to their beloved pillowcases). I’d also like to believe that investing in these scrunchies over other options would help prevent me from absentmindedly leaving hair ties all over my apartment. Now if only I would be given a trophy for making positive changes to my daily life. (Note to self: also order a knockoff version of a Grammy in the iconic “Most Improved” category.)

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