From Cyclops to Johnny Blaze, Marvel Characters Ryan Gosling Is Born to Play

Over the years, the definition of a successful actor has been redefined with whether they have played a Marvel character. Although it isn’t a necessity, some of the greatest superstars that have emerged in the past years all owe their success and global fanbase to Marvel. However, there is one actor who stands tall without a Marvel backbone and it is none other than Ryan Gosling.

The actor usually sets himself up for meaningful roles with larger-than-life impact rather than larger-than-life productions. However, with Marvel raising the standards of storytelling and execution with every single one of its superheroes, it is right up Gosling’s alley. Moreover, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe headed towards its Phase 5, now is better timing than ever for Ryan Gosling to play a Marvel character. Here are a few of the characters that fans have in mind for the phenomenal actor.

Marvel Characters we would love to see Gosling play

His massive award list testifies that Gosling is an excellent actor. Moreover, he has been in the field since he was just thirteen years old, hence the finesse. While there is no doubt that Gosling can play any character, big or small, there are specific Marvel characters that fans think would make Goldilocks say “JUST RIGHT!”

1. Longshot

At the time of reporting, Gosling is blonde and clean-shaven, all thanks to Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated Barbie movie. And it would be almost criminal to miss out on an opportunity to cast Ryan Gosling as Longshot when his looked are carved for it. Apart from the physical attributes, Longshot has a twisted superpower.

He has been blessed with good luck until he entertains any intentions that aren’t good. Given the massive fanbase of the superhero and Fox’s acquisition by Marvel, Longshot has a high chance in Marvel Phase 5. And if Marvel is planning to bring this member of X-Men to life, they have to invest in a good actor rather than CGI. Making it just the right role for Ryan Gosling: a superhero with complex emotions often kicked in the gut by his own superpowers.

2. Ryan Gosling as Cyclops

Ryan Gosling shooting threatening laser beams from his eyes which have mostly shot hearts? Heck yes! Cyclops is a character that will add stars to the star playing it.

The mutant was the first field captain for the X-Men and has a lethal fanbase. Under the laser beams, shooting cyclops is a silent and shy Scott Summers. The duality of this Marvel character, combined with Ryan Gosling’s top-notch looks and acting skills, will wreak havoc at the box office.

3. Ryan Gosling as Johnny Blaze

The third and probably the most obvious suggestion on this list is for Gosling to take his first steps into the MCU with the spirit of vengeance. A powerful character with a broken moral compass, who is an outcast among the superhero community.

Unlike other “superheroes,” Blaze carries a lot of emotional baggage, which lends heavily to his storyline in the MCU. And after what he has done with movies like La La Land and The Place Beyond the Pines, Gosling has left no doubts about him pulling off emotionally complex characters.

Furthermore, according to the latest health guidelines, seeing Ryan Gosling with a fire of vengeance in his eyes and a badass attitude will provide you will all the necessary vitamins to keep you going through life.

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4. Ryan Gosling as Nova

An intergalactic superhero that is not talked about enough. Richard Rider got lucky when the Nova Corps was doing its selection and landed himself with the power and responsibility to protect the world from impending dangers and bring justice across the multiverse. Another silent but violent character that Gosling has the caliber to play.

Nova’s character is not among the obvious choices for Phase 5, but true Marvel junkies know just how enigmatic and entertaining his story is. If Marvel bags Ryan Gosling to play the role, it would not serve the actor’s devotion towards playing underdog roles but also be the perfect body for Nova. However, last year, Gosling denied rumors of him being cast as Nova in an interview with Josh Horowitz of MTV News.

Despite spending decades in the industry, cinemagoers have not had the pleasure of seeing Ryan Gosling in a superhero costume. The MCU is the perfect mix of enlightenment and entertainment and Gosling fans think that is the best step for the actor.

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