Female Paparazzi Drops Battery Assault Charges Against Kanye West After He Threw Her Phone During a Confrontation

Kanye West legal troubles

Amongst an increasing pile of issues, Kanye West has one less thing to worry about now. The ‘Flashing Lights’ singer was faced with battery assault charges in one of his several confrontations with people of the media. The singer has shared a love and hate relationship with the paparazzi for a long time. But a recent one nearly landed him in legal trouble.

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The actor already has lawsuits in progress for different reasons. In addition, a woman that he recently had an altercation with ended up calling the cops on the site for investigation. But fortunately for him, the charges were dropped.

How Kanye West ended up having an altercation with the paparazzi

Ye had been busy giving interviews everywhere, which landed him in great trouble for the controversial statements he made. But then the artist went underground, before being spotted with Bianca Censori again. He only resurfaced with the news of his marriage making headlines. With the paparazzi following him everywhere, he began confronting them while asking for space and privacy.

One of them was clicking photos of him through her phone when he approached her car. He asked her to stop clicking on him. But she justified her actions by stating that he was a celebrity. It only led him to grab the phone in hands of the lady sitting in the car and throw it away.

As per TMZ, the incident took place outside of a court where his daughter North West was playing a basketball match. Thankfully, the phone remained intact, with only the $30 worth of phone cover being damaged. It still led to an investigation when the woman contacted cops, before dropping the charges.

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Now celebrities getting into trouble with the media is quite common. While the case did not proceed this time, Ye faced the heat of the judicial system during one of his previous fights with the media.

Ye has been in legal trouble with photographers on two occasions before

In July 2013, Ye approached a photographer named Daniel Ramos, amongst a herd of paparazzi that was clicking on him. West fled from the scene, only to have the court punish him with 250 hours of social service and a 30 days’ course of anger management issues. This comes after the 2008 incident of him smashing a paparazzi’s camera. For that, the system awarded him with 50 hours of community service for that.

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