Fans Are Excited as Guillermo del Toro Has Early Talks with Andrew Garfield, Oscar Isaac, and Mia Goth for Yet Another Classic Horror Tales

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After a big Oscar win, Guillermo del Toro is already in the process of making another movie. The director was nearly in tears as he bagged his award for Best Animated Picture for Pinocchio, but he has only shared the happiness with fans by announcing another movie. What is more exciting are the names of the potential cast members that could play the lead in the horror thriller.

This film is expected to bring Mary Shelley’s famous novel ‘Frankenstein’ onto the big screen again. As per Deadline, the director is in talks with Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield, Scenes from a Marriage actor Oscar Isaac, and Pearl’s Mia Goth. While the director’s own recognition has garnered a fan base, the addition of these three actors has only increased the excitement. So far, Guillermo del Toro has not signed anyone or made announcements, but he has had a meeting with all three stars. Meanwhile, he also continues to write the movie’s script on the side.

Now, there have been several versions of the classic novel, brought to the big screen through different times. More than 20 Frankenstein movies have been made so far, with the first Frankenstein released in 1931 to the 1994 Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and more. Del Toro’s project will be a Netflix movie as part of his multi projects with the OTT platform.

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As soon as the news hit social media, fans have been excited, showing their full support for the project. This is what they have to say.

How fans are showing support for the idea of Guillermo del Toro casting Andrew Garfield, Isaac Oscar, and Mia Goth

After Oscar’s excitement, people are awaiting to see more movies that could win the next year. With the news of Frankenstein floating around, one fan excitedly commented how this could be Goth’s opportunity to enter the Oscars next. This could also be her fourth time playing in a scary movie.

While another fan is just happy to see the director team up with these stars. As of now, there is no revelation of who could play which character, but one fan can already see Goth as Elizabeth and Isaac as Victor.

Garfield will also be appearing in We Live In Time with Florence Pugh. Isaac is also continuing with Moon Knight and Scenes from a Marriage. It will be seen whether the director sticks to the source material or brings the movie into the modern era.

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What do you think of this potential cast ensemble? Share your thoughts with us.

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