“Donner Cut FTW…” – Fans Are Mesmerized As James Gunn Watches Richard Donner’s ‘Superman II’

James Gunn during Suicide Squad premiere

Fans are no strangers to the incredible legacy and fame that surrounds the character of Superman. The Man Of Steel is amongst the most popular superheroes there is and holds great significance in pop culture as well. Over the years, people have witnessed some very memorable Superman films. While many came to know of the character through Henry Cavill, there were a number of great films before the Man Of Steel as well. And recently, James Gunn took to Twitter to share a picture while watching Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.

Many of you might not know, but Superman II, first released in 1980, underwent several controversies before its release. The original version was to feature Richard Donner as the front-runner. However, after completing nearly 75 percent of the movie, the producers replaced Donner as tensions between the two grew. But after several fans demanded to see Donner’s Cut, Warner released Superman II: The Richard Donner cut in 2006. And as Gunn took to Twitter recently, sharing a glimpse of Donner’s cut, fans could not help but be mesmerized by it. As the new DC boss tweeted #NowWatching, the fans flooded Twitter with multiple reactions.

Following Gunn’s tweet about the Donner’s Cut featuring Christopher Reeve as Superman, the fans expressed their love for the American actor. While some called him the OG version of the character, others revealed how Reeve is the most influential and iconic Superman.


However, it seems like a few DC fans are still sour about Gunn axing out Henry Cavill as Superman. A number of users expressed their disappointment over the several decisions Gunn took as the new DC boss. Meanwhile, several fans came to David Ayer’s support, pointing out how the Director’s cut of a film is necessary. As we all know, previously Gunn waved off the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad.

James Gunn’s plans for Superman following Henry Cavill’s exit

As we all know, Superman: Legacy is one of the most anticipated projects announced by the new bosses of DC. While it is clear that Cavill will no longer be returning as Superman, everyone is eager to know what the future holds for the Man Of Steel. Reports suggest that James Gunn would be taking over as the front-runner of this upcoming film.

Apparently, as per Gunn, the film will feature a younger version of Clark Kent. Recently, rumors of a casting call for the new Superman made the rounds. However, the DC boss was quick enough to turn down the rumors. As of late, Gunn is yet to announce a new actor to play Superman.

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Which actor do you think would be a good fit for the Man Of Steel? Comment down below.

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