Doing Everything But Music! Fans Call Out Normani as She Attends the Annual Roc Nation Brunch

Normani Kordei angers fans for not creating new music

Normani is rocking everything but music, and fans are furious about it. The 26-year-old R&B sensation (perhaps not so active) notably rose to fandom after becoming a member of the best-selling girl group of all time, Fifth Harmony. However, 5H went on into an indefinite hiatus in 2018 after one of its prominent members, Camila Cabello parted her ways from the group, sending fans into utter shock.

Luckily, they did not have to fret for long because some of the ladies went on to make their own names, including Normani Kordei. Although she has produced some chart-topping hits and multiple tours has brought her appreciable recognition, the former dancer and gymnast has seemingly not been actively satisfying her fans. So, as she attends the 2023 Rock Nation Brunch, fans take the opportunity to take a sly jibe at her!

Fans attack Normani as she attends the Rock Nation Brunch instead of creating new songs

It is Grammys night indeed. And the annual Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Gala has already brought the best out in fan-favorite celebrities. While Beyoncé, who is leading with nine nominations, turned people’s eyes at the illustrious invite-only party, the American singer caught attention in a rather peculiar way. As soon as entertainment outlets educated fans that the ‘Motivation’ singer was also in attendance, they seemingly took it to express their disappointment towards her.

They accused Kordei of doing everything but creating music. While some recklessly wrote that “she is there to serve the food,” others simply stated that she is always keeping herself busy with some or other events instead of hitting the studios.

Well, the disappointment comes from her Portuguese fans as well

Translated to: “amazing how it was just this one to become the best of Ariana that goes everywhere, except for the studio”

Translated to: “This woman goes to all the bandstands, but not a new song has been released by this woman…”

Twitterati also suggested that “she should be rehearsing” instead of taking selfies at the star-studded soiree

Another die-hard fan confessed she misses Normani too much. The tweet translates to: “I miss Normani so much. When she shows up I’m so happy. How good it is to be a fan of a woman. I’m too bitch

Some fans plainly ask her to release an album!

Notably, the Best MTV Music Video award winner released her last single, New to You alongside Calvin Harris, Tinashe, and Offset, for Harris’ album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 back in July 2022 and has since kept her fans waiting.

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Are you also awaiting a song from Normani? Do let us know in the comments below and stay tuned with us for all the Grammy updates.

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