Do You Know There’s a “Royal Family Appreciation Podcast” by Americans

We say gone are those days when the British Imperial Family used to have its age-old unadulterated association with countries abroad, but are they actually gone for real? It is no doubt that with the passing of time, the UK Monarchy has been having some personal issues in keeping up with its collaboration with other supreme powers, especially the United States of America.

But it seems like there exists a chunk of royal fans who have not given up on them despite living across the pool. 

This comes evident from a podcast in the American networks that says Royal Family Appreciation podcast. Named after the second in line to the succession, Prince George of Wales, the podcast is the only talk show of the British royal family hosted by two Americans, Ali, and Gina. 

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From its description, it is understood that both the hosts are quite keen on the Royal Family and its whereabouts on a daily basis. The hosts call themselves self-proclaimed “Royal Fam-atics” who intend to give the listeners everything that is going on in the world of the early core members of the royal family, Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Kate Middleton, Prince George of Wales, and lastly Princess Charlotte of Wales too. 

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The apple podcast at present only consists of five episodes with only three features on the homepage. However, the ones enlisted include one of Meghan Markle. The Second was about thanksgiving and the other was about Prince Harry, which is called A Very Harry Situation.

What was the royal family podcast all about? 

With visible ratings of 3.3 stars in the piece, the podcast at present has not been active, or so it seems. Ever since 2016, the apple podcast has failed to add more to its list. Nonetheless, it is revival season. Speaking of the same, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is now all set to revive her age-old, long-lost treasure. Reports have it that she is soon brought back to the website, The Tig.

When it comes to podcasts, nothing could beat the Duchess once again. Meghan Markle had officially been the winner of the People’s Choice Award for the year 2022. Archetypes–Meghan Markle bags People’s Choice Award for Best Pop Podcast of 2022.

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