DJ Toomp Spills the Beans About Working with Kanye West and What Made Him Ditch the Rapper After the Graduation Album

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Working with a creative genius comes with its own pros and cons. The story goes the same for Kanye West, who is known for collaborating with a long list of artists for every album. Although it often turns into a massive success. While all of these artists still respect him, some of them would not want to collaborate with him again for certain reasons.

DJ Toomp, who worked with Kanye West during the initial years, appreciated his talent. They collaborated several times. But with a wild story, he gave an account of why he would not work with the ‘Donda’ singer again.

Why did DJ Toomp decide not to work with Kanye West again?

Anyone who has had an encounter with Kanye West has hailed him for his creative process, and DJ Toomp is not an exception. DJ Toomp last released his songs with West for the 2007 album ‘Graduation’ and never worked wih the rapper again; more like he didn’t wish to. He recently went as a guest on My Expert Opinion wherein they discussed the trending hip hop artist and why the DJ didn’t collaborate with West despite the success of their last work together. He explained the multiple reasons he thought working with Ye was problematic.

It was just too many cooks in the kitchen,” he said about the last time they tried to collaborate. The DJ flew to Hawaii upon Ye’s invitation to work on his ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album, among many other artists. But upon reaching, he realized that West was dealing with too many artists at a time.

They worked on ‘All of The Lights’ together, with the DJ on the drums, only to realize that Ye changed the tone. For ‘Good Life’, Ye informed him about getting Timbaland for the drums part after they have already completed the work. This was a breaking point for DJ Toomp. On top of everything else, adding too many artists would have barely left them with any profits in the end.

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This is not the first time that someone has complained about Ye for being too ambitious. But the end results of these are often positive, as was the case with Graduation, West’s and Toomp’s last collaboration together.

How Graduation is one of the best albums of Ye’s career

Ye apparently wanted to make an album full of diverse collaborations. It worked since ‘Graduation’ won The Best Rap Album award during the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. It entered a total of 8 nominations for different awards and won 4 of them. Chris Martin, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain were some of the artists that collaborated on this album aside from DJ Toomp.

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