Did Finn Wolfhard Accidentally Reveal the Release Date of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5?

Stranger Things season four will soon complete the one-year anniversary of its release. The show is worthy of a celebration, and why not? It was the most talked about thing in 2022. It won’t be wrong to say that the show made a bunch of teenagers popular internationally, and vice versa. Be it Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink, or Finn Wolfhard, all of them began with this show and have become millionaires at a young age.

Right after the second installment of the show’s fourth season was released and binge-watched by the fans, the only question they had in mind was, “When will the fifth season be released?” Surprisingly, one of the show’s stars might have accidentally revealed the release date of the fifth season.

How did Finn Wolfhard reveal the release date of Stranger Things season 5?

The show’s makers, the Duffer brothers, have tried their best to keep most things secret for the sake of fans. They are hoping to build excitement as they work on season 5 of the show. However, no cast or crew members had revealed the dates yet. However, it seems like Finn Wolfhard might have done the unspeakable.

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Recently, Wolfhard gave an interview in which he probably hinted at the release date of the final season. “By the time it comes out, I will be 22, I think. And I started working on the show when I was 12. That is insane,” he said. This means that Wolfhard will turn 21 this year, and he will turn 22 in 2024 December, which means the release date of the show’s final season could be between December 2024 and 2025.

As US Weekly reported, the Duffer brothers are trying their best to resist the temptation of introducing new characters in the season finale of the show. A major reason behind this could be the tragic death of Eddie Munson in the last season and people’s rage over the death of this beloved character.

As much as fans await the fifth season of the show, what makes them sad is that it will be the last season of this magnificent series. Stranger Things technically became a part of people’s lives over the course of the past 7 years. Let’s hope the show gets released as soon as possible.

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