“Cocaine Bear is the spiritual prequel to…”- Ryan Reynolds Believes the Hilarious Bear from Oscars 2023 Has a Connection to His 2008 Film

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is making some hilariously wild connections. With the Oscars finally here, there is a buzz about not just the Awards, but every aspect attached to the ceremony. While the actor did not bag the Awards, his star-studded advertisement certainly caught the attention of viewers. But adding to the interesting commercial, was his tweet about how Cocaine Bear is the prequel to his 2008 movie.

But what does the latest comedy movie have to do with his 2008 rom-com? The answer lies in the commercial made by Reynolds’ company Maximum Effort.

The factor that led Ryan Reynolds to connect Cocaine Bear with his film

Ryan Reynolds starred opposite Elizabeth Banks in the 2008 movie Definitely, Maybe. Notably, Cocaine Bear is also directed by Banks. In fact, the actress shocked everyone at the Oscars as she presented an award on the stage with a bear to give her company. Well, not an actual bear, but a costume that looked a lot similar to the leading animal in her 2023 film.

On the stage, she pointed at the bear to show how funny he would have looked in the movie if it wasn’t for visual effects technology. The actress also explained how the Na’vi people in Avatar: The Way of Water is a work of visual effects since she was presenting the award for the Best Visual Effects category. The entire thing resulted in Reynolds making a hilarious tweet saying, “I like to think Cocaine Bear was the spiritual sequel to Definitely, Maybe.”

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The former co-stars even teamed for the Oscar commercial. It was also connected to the visual effects that Banks spoke of on the stage.

How Elizabeth Banks praised an imaginary director in the Maximum Efforts commercial

The actress was a part of the Otto Desć commercial made by Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Kimmel’s marketing companies Maximum Effort and Kimmelot. This commercial kept admiring the visual effects expert for his work incredible work. Tagging along were stars like Paul Lambert, Paul Lambert, and Andy Walker.

In the commercial/ mockumentary, this imaginary icon gets an award, and that is when they reveal that the visual effects that make a movie perfect are the result of the software and not a human. The celebrities worked on this amazing commercial by coming together after a long break.

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What did you think about Ryan Reynolds’ tweet and the connection between the two movies? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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