Back When ‘Deadpool’ Ryan Reynolds Was Rejected From the Avengers’ Tony Stark AKA Robert Downey Jr

Ryan Reynolds movie tops the charts on Netflix

When the first Deadpool was released in the theaters in 2016, people were treated to a raunchy superhero movie for the first time. And who better to play the potty-mouth hero than Ryan Reynolds himself? Both the character and the Canadian attained huge global success overnight. And since then, the actor has become the Mr. Funny guy of Hollywood. When Marvel released its Avengers: Infinity War movie, Reynolds had a rather amusing way of celebrating the film’s success and congratulating the team behind it.

When Avengers Infinity War was released in the theaters, it was a behemoth success. It swept all the box office records, even Deadpool’s. But Ryan Reynolds was not upset about it. Instead, he shared a hilarious post on his Instagram which showed Deadpool’s rejection letter from Iron Man! It seems like a response to the Merc with a Mouth’s letter to Iron Man wanting to become a part of the Avengers. However, Tony Stark is not having him on the team. Instead, in his trademark style, he downright rejected his plea and told him to bother Professor X from X-Men.

The letter is photographed on a messy desk with a giant bottle of antacids beside it. The father of four captioned it: “From a guy who never knows when to quit, I’m glad you guys never did,” sweetly giving a shout-out to the superheroes and their sacrifices to defeat the big bad guy. 

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Fans had long wanted to see Deadpool fighting along with the Avengers. However, it didn’t come to fruition until now. The unconventional superhero finally makes his first entry into the Marvel fold. 

Ryan Reynolds is putting in the work for Deadpool 3 as well as to beat his best friend Hugh Jackman

The Proposal star is putting in the hours at the gym to get ready for the threequel. For his first official entry to the Marvel universe, he is also taking his best friend Hugh Jackman with him. But they have a fake online beef going on as they prepare for their respective roles. Recently, the Canadian posted a gym selfie calling out the Australian that he was keeping up with the Jackmans!

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds at The Adam Project premiere
Credits: Imago

Jackman, much to fans’ delight, announced that he was reprising his role as Logan in the threequel. Since the 2017 movie Logan saw his character die at the end of it, his reprisal of the role will not seek to change that. Instead, Deadpool 3 would be set in a timeline before the events of Logan.

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