After the Burger Shop Case, Kanye West Looks to Settle Dispute with Sunday Service Members Outside the Court

Kanye West has found himself in legal trouble yet again. Despite being a rapper, he raved about hosting Sunday services. It was his phase of coming close to his religion and creating music with people of the faith. Although it all came to an abrupt halt due to various reasons.

Now the members of the Sunday Service have filed a case against their celebrity member. While they file to sue him first, both the parties involved are trying to solve the issue outside court, through meditation. With court matters already piling up for the singer, here is a brief dive into this case.

Why did the Sunday Service choir end up suing Kanye West?

After the Australian burger shop incident, Kanye West finds himself in a legal issue again. As per AllHipHop, the parties involved had a discussion about the settlement on 14th March. The court held a session on 16th March for a show cause notice for defendants Kanye West and West Brands, LLC, Very Good Touring, Inc. The defendants are being represented by London D. Meservy, while Frank H. Kim represents the plaintiffs, Michael Pearson and his members.

As per NME, they sued him for $30 million after being mistreated and unpaid. No breaks or meals were provided for and the crew was left unpaid. But despite the issues, the parties have asked for at least 2 months’ time to resolve the dispute outside court. While requesting no trial, a time of 60 extra days was requested. They were the same group who famously performed at the 2019 Coachella music festival with him.

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But a lot has changed since that time. West divorced Kim Kardashian. He also saw the end of his collaborations and found a pile of legal troubles due to financial issues.

Ye has already been caught up in other legal cases

Recently, Ultra International Music Publishing sued him for sampling music for his ‘Donda 2’ album. Reports state that he used Marshall Jefferson’s ‘Move Your Body’ to make the song ‘Flowers’ without permission or appropriate compensation.

On the other hand, the entertainer sued a burger shop in Australia for profiting off his music. The cease and desist notice for using his song names in the menu certainly left a bad aftertaste for the Melbourne shop owner and former Ye fan. As for the Sunday Service crew case, it will be seen whether they settle the matter or go to trial.

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