After the Big Announcement, James Gunn Reveals His Thoughts on the New Batman

James Gunn revealed more about his plan for DCU. After Henry Cavill’s exit, the burning question remains: Who will play Superman? While fans are excited about the new upcoming films and series, they are also wondering about the other replacements. Following Ben Affleck’s exit as Batman, fans wonder who the new face of the character would be. Will it be someone new? Or will Ben Affleck be back? Well, James Gunn has some ideas about it.

While revealing his plans and upcoming films and series, Gunn said his favorite Robin was Damian. The Brave and the Bold will follow the story of Bruce Wayne training his son, Damian. And the film will be based on Grant Morrison’s Batman comic (2006-2013). Although Gunn knows he wants a younger Superman for Superman Legacy, he revealed his take on the Bat Family as well. Let us see what the new DC boss thinks about the iconic character.

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James Gunn’s take on the new Batman

Talking about his new plans, Gunn revealed some important pieces of information about the forthcoming The Brave and The Bold. He revealed as Superman was living in a place where superheroes existed. He was working as a reporter, as we saw in Man of Steel. So, this meant that Batman would be, of course, elder than Superman. Therefore, DC Studios might cast an actor in his 30s or 40s for Bruce Wayne, reported Sportskeeda. We saw in Snyderverse that Bruce Wayne was already older than Clark Kent.

In the comic book, Bruce Wayne is already in his 30s-40s as he teams up with his biological son. Damian is about 10 or 11 when he becomes Robin, according to the source material. This means Wayne and his occasional lover and enemy Talia al Ghul might have conceived Damian in their late 20s or early 30s. Therefore, it would be logical to portray the father in his late 30s or 40s in the film. However, there is also a possibility of Gunn casting an actor who’s in his 30s. The reason is simply that the actor could stay longer with the DC universe to portray the character.

What can fans expect from the upcoming film?

Well, this is certainly the best news for all the Batman and DCU fans. As they are excited to see what will happen in the film, they can surely expect more fun. The Brave and The Bold will introduce the Bat Family, including Batman’s sidekicks. Reportedly, Gunn also revealed he had met with Ben Affleck, who is already perceived as a real-life Bruce Wayne, about the upcoming Batman project. The actor also responded positively, expressing his interest. Therefore, fans might see Affleck as the director of the project.

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While the next adventure awaits all the DCU fans, what are you expecting from The Brave and The Bold? What are your thoughts about the new Bruce Wayne? Feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.

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