After Memoir and Documentary, Pamela Anderson Set to Raise the Temperature with a Cooking Show

Pamela Anderson has a number of projects lined up. The model, who once mesmerized everyone as a lifeguard in Baywatch, had disappeared from the limelight for a while. She was undeniably the biggest star of the 90s who quickly rose to fame with her association with Playboy magazine. Now the 55-year-old is making headlines with new projects at every interval.

Anderson is known not only for her looks but also for her charming personality. The former model has so far released her book, Pamela, With Love, and her Netflix documentary Pamela, a Love Story. Now, adding to the list is her upcoming cooking show Pamela’s Cooking with Love. Here is an insight into the upcoming project.

A sneak peek into the latest cooking show by Pamela Anderson

Nigella Lawson has some tough competition now. Pamela Anderson is set to raise the temperature with her upcoming cooking show soon. As per Hollywood Reporter, the Canada-born celebrity is set to host her own show Pamela’s Cooking with Love, which will launch on Food Network Canada. Corus Studios will be producing the show with Brandon Thomas, Jesse Fawcett, and Robert Hardy as the executive producers along with Anderson. There will be eight episodes in the first season. The set will probably be Anderson’s own home, showcasing her domestic life as well. She has collaborated with different chefs for creating plant-based recipes.

She stated how confident she was about forming a fruitful partnership with Corus Studios, since they share the same vision of success. This is not the first lifestyle show that the actress has done. Back in 2022, the actress released a house makeover show called The Garden of Eden. Fireworks Media Group produced the show and will begin shooting its second season soon. It is reported that both the cooking and the home renovation show will be shot concurrently.

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Anderson has caused a storm by dropping a lot of secrets and naming celebrities in her latest memoir. Both the memoir and the documentary showed the actress and her journey so far. As for her latest projects, they will probably have a lighter theme. So far, no release date for these shows has been announced yet.

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