$150 Million For a Rom-Com? Internet Ridicules Nancy Meyers for Demanding Huge Sum of Money from Netflix

Nancy Meyers, director of my popular rom-coms

Nancy Meyers is undoubtedly one of the most talented directors of the era. She is known for being an exceptional director in the rom-com genre and has blessed the world with classics like The Parent Trap and What Women Want. But with superhit films comes a big budget, especially in the case of someone like Meyers, who is known not for a good script but for her Architectural Digest-worthy set.

The rumors of her doing a film with Netflix were in the air about a year ago. When the probable cast of the film joined the rumors a week ago, they spread quickly. However, according to Film Updates, the 73-year-old demanded a lump sum of $150 million from the streaming giant, while it was ready to pay $130 million. That’s when Netflix canceled the project and fired The Intern’s director.

After the news came out, fans were angered over the 73-year-old director’s asking price for what looked like a hefty sum of money for a rom-com. Not just that, but yet another expensive detail about the film enraged the fans even more. What is it?

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Nancy Meyers vs Netflix: Fans are siding with the OTT

As per Film Updates, out of the bulky amount of $150 million, more than half was going to be divided between the cast and the director. The cast of the film includes huge names such as Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz, Michael Fassbender, and Owen Wilson. With a cast this big, a huge budget is justifiable but $80 million still looks like a big figure.

The film revolved around the story of a writer-director and a producer, who date for several years as they make several lucrative films. They break up after several years of working and being together. Things take a turn when they reunite after several years for a fantastic project and find themselves having to cope with huge risks and temperamental stars.

While the storyline seems promising, it was the amount that angered the Twitterati. Even Beneath the Darkness actor Stephen Ford reacted to the post expressing his shock.

Fans couldn’t fathom why Meyers demanded $150 million for a rom-com or why the director wouldn’t budge for a budget $20 million lesser. They were also wondering what the director would have made had she gotten the amount she asked.

Anyway, not just the fans but Netflix also could not tolerate the amount The Holiday director was asking and hence dropped the deal. Let’s see if Meyers finds another producer who can fulfill her demands.

Do you think the amount of $150 million for a rom-com was justifiable? Tell us in the comments.

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